Whitewater Brewery

40 Tullyframe Road
County Down
BT34 4RZ

Tel: (028) 4176 9449

It is some time since I have visited the Whitewater Brewery to see Bernard & Kerry Sloan and I was really surprised by the new layout and increased barrelage. The beers are excellent (CAMRA Belfast Beer Festival award winners) and quality is a watchword. Kerry brews a great range of ales & stouts to a multitude of outlets and helps with local real ale festivals in premises around the province. She brews a keg continental style lager (Blonde) which is really refreshing. The scenery is as great as the beers and a visit is a MUST.

Tours of the brewery are available but MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE to ensure availablity of their tour guides.

The Brewery

A view inside the brew house (from the front) showing the new stainless steel equipment.

All That Jazz 4.2%
Belfast Ale 4.5%
Belfast Black 4.5%
Belfast Lager 4.5%
Bees' Endeavour 4.8%
Brew Moon 4.0%
Cascade 4.0%
Clotworthy Dobbin 5.0%
Copperhead 3.6%
Crown & Glory 3.8%
Dappled Mare 4.3%
Down Pilgrim 3.9%
Ewe Rebel 7.0%
Glen Ale 4.2%
Hen, Cock & Pigeon Rock 4.8%
HoppelHammer 6.0%
Knight Porter 5.0%
Maggie's Leap 4.6%
Mayflower 4.1%
McHughs 300 3.5%
Mill Ale 3.7%
Mountain Ale 4.2%
Mourne Oyster Stout 4.2%
Northern Brewer 4.4%
Nutbrown Ale 4.0%
Sanity Claus 4.1%
Snake Drive 4.3%
Solstice Pale Ale 4.0%
White Gold 3.9%
Crown and Glory Special brew for The Crown
Killinchy Muffler Occasional Brew for The White Horse

Remember these ales?
Explosive Ale (4.8%); Eirann Stout (4.3%); Marks' Special Bitter (4.3%)?


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