British Beermat Collectors Society.


English collector Chris Walsh saw fit to establish the British Beermat Collectors Society in 1960. Distinguished societies of this period naturally necessitate presidents and of all people to crop up in the timeline of this obscure little hobby, guess who the first presidents of the British Beermat Collectors Society were? Legendary comedy duo Eric MORECAMBE & Ernie WISE.

In 1963 Eric & Ernie were interviewed about their new appointment by the Dublin Evening Press. Whilst they were keen to emphasise that initially their involvement was a bit of a joke they admitted that after being briefly immersed in the 'tegestive' world they, "genuinely began to take an interest in it," even keeping their not-to-be-sneezed-at 1000-mat-strong personal collections in self-dubbed 'tegestoriums' in their homes.

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