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Recommended Pubs and Restaurants in Belfast South

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There are a total of 14 premises in this area.

The Crown Liquor Saloon
The Crown Liquor Saloon 46 Great Victoria Street.
(028) 9024 3187 (T)
BT2 7BA (F) (W)

A prime example of a Victorian gin palace and a firm favourite of visitors, past and present. The Grade A listed building is from the 1840's and it was originally the Railway Tavern in 1849. The owner (Michael Flanagan) initiated the refurbishment in 1898 and (probably) changed the name to The Crown about 1885. Tiled outside ground floor walls and tiled mosaic entrance lead to a lush interior of rich woodwork, coloured glass. The bar is long with three dividers and a black & white tiled floor. Intimate snugs with bell pushes, mirrors and (surprisingly) doors, each guarded by a gryphon and a lion.

It is often used as a location spot for films and plays. It has been in and out of the GBG with cask Bass Ale and Whitewater's Belfast Bitter - now with its third handpump. Well remembered for its architecture, it should also be remembered for its basic pub food and seasonal oysters, normally washed down with liver crippling draughts of Guinness.

Busy during the day, it comes into its own at night when the gas lamps play their wan light over the wide cross section of regulars and visitors from all parts of the globe. Look for the electric signalling system linked to the booths.

Sadly, the supply has changed from town gas to cylinder but the homely atmosphere remains. The upstairs lounge, once housing a roaring fire and memorabilia of the maritime history of the town, now goes under a theme name but still is worth a visit. This is the only pub in the City centre that never needs a doorman (except Christmas Eve and that is only to keep people out during the busiest period).

A CAMRA Heritage Pub

Jharna 133 Lisburn Road.
(028) 9038 1299 (T) (F)

The two brothers who run this upstairs restaurant always have great smiles and serve excellent food from an extensive menu in a great atmosphere. It is easy to relax in the sumptuous surroundings, but be warned! The portions are big!

Bithika 133 Lisburn Road.
(028) 9038 1009 (T) (W)

If you liked the food in the restaurant then go for a carry out next door. Same friendly people, same excellent food. They also do a delivery service.

Ryan's Bar & Grill
Ryan's Bar & Grill 116-118 Lisburn Rd.
(028) 9050 9850 (T) (W)

Once an old family run pub (the Hunters) it is now another martyr to development and has lost one of the last meaningful pub signs from the coaching days (Four in Hand). However, the decor is not OTT, dark but not dreary and it is relaxing. Good food with spicy chicken wings to die for. Upstairs restaurant open until 11:00. Bar snacks downstairs. Good atmosphere mid week, can be very busy. Disabled lift at back of bar near the toilets (ladies upstairs). The staff are friendly and pleasant. A pity the ale was taken out. Thank you once again Diageo for insensitivity and heavy handedness!


Robinson's 38-40 Gt. Victoria Street.
028) 9024 7447 (T) (W)

Still one of the most popular bars in Belfast after so many years. This pub will be packed when other close-by bars have solitary customers. Assorted music, dances and good food keep the customers happy. Crowded theme bar at the rear. A meeting point for all (except me!), especially at the start of the weekend. Not my choice most times as I think there are better places now in the city centre, but I bow to popular demand, and I do mean popular!

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