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Years ago, as Chairman of the Northern Ireland branch of CAMRA, I received many letters enquiring about public houses in the province. Several questions were asked about the choices of food in the local bars. After giving similar answers each time I decided to be smart and use a website to contain the information. Just recently my friend Stu Nicholls, from way back when we were forum moderators for a web hosting firm, has worked with me to make the site available on modern platforms. I hope you like it.

Since then I have been asked for more and more information, which I post on a limited basis. I do not wish to be a tourist information centre, as my interest has always been the food and drink in the province. This site remains a list of premises that I have used, still use when I can, and would recommend to visitors. It is totally independant of the local trade and takes no monies. It is not possible to visit every establishment and places can change suddenly and without notice. Thus I enjoy feedback.

A lot of places you will not find here. Not because they are intrinsically bad but mostly because I have reached a certain age where I enjoy a pleasurable ambience rather than peer pressure to be somewhere I am not enjoying.

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